Monday, December 13, 2004

Moving Day

This weekend I moved into the new house in Cottage Grove. Everything went swimmingly, though everything didn't actually get moved. A combination of being sick, and being a procrastinator, meant that not everything was packed by the time Saturday morning rolled around. However, the new place is about 5 miles from the old townhouse, and I don't have to be out of the townhouse until Dec 31, so I have time to finish moving the little things over the next few days.

I rented a 15' Penske truck from a local rental True Value Hardware store in Hudson. It seemed like a brand new truck, though it did have almost 18000 miles. Though I imagine that is brand new for a rental truck. I got back to the townhouse by 8:30am and waited for four friends to show up, which they did only a few minutes later. I supplied them with bananas, bagels, and orange juice, and gave them a quick overview of my stuff. We decided to move the bed, and then the TV, then the futon, so that the TV would be maximally protected, and after that, it was pretty much just throw stuff into the truck. We were done packing by 10:30am and everyone got into their cars for a little caravan to the new place.

It seemed like unpacking the truck took absolutely no time, maybe less than 20 minutes. I suppose this is the way it goes since a lot of the stuff just had to go into the new garage, and didn't require packing in the new garage. We unpacked my new washer and dryer and moved them into position and then sat back and had a Coke and smile. We were done so quickly that I had time to drive back to Hudson and return the truck and get back to the house before 1pm, when the cable guy was scheduled to come.

The cable guy, of course, didn't arrive until almost 3pm, and then just thought that he was going to install a cable modem (which I already have, so I have no idea why they would have thought that). I informed him that he needed to install everything. It looks like there used to be an access box on the side of the house, but they removed it when they turned off the cable, replacing it with a cable lock (an interesting little thing that clamps onto the cable preventing you from being able to steal the cable signal). He replaced the box and things started working, cable modem, HDTV, everything. Yea!

So, now I'm mostly moved in, have cable and internet access, and I'm settling into the long process of unpacking and figuring out where things go. All in all, things are looking good, though it's quite obvious that I don't have nearly furniture. And now I have to figure out a style for the house too. Argh.


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