Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kitten Picture

A bunch of people have been asking for pictures of my new kitten, as well as what her name is.

Well, I don't really know if the name is going to stick, but I've been calling her "Lucy". It's kinda a play on words because she likes to run around a lot and is constantly skidding on the vinyl flooring. You hear scratch-scratch-scratch-whoosh-boom! Scratch-scratch-scratch-whoosh-boom! Scratch-scratch-scratch-whoosh-boom! as she runs down the halls. So "loosy" is kinda how I think of her. Plus, it amuses me to come in the door and bellow "Lucy, I'm home!" in my best Puerto Rican accent.

As for pictures, well, the good camera is still hiding in a box somewhere, so all I have is my camera phone. Taking a picture of a kitten with a camera phone is no easy feat, so I really only have one good picture of her at the moment. I had to play with her for 10 minutes until she finally got tired and laid down on the floor, whereupon she was still long enough for the camera phone to actually focus on her.

I'll try to get more later.


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