Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas and such

Mom came out to visit me in my new house for this Christmas (I have the week off between Christmas and New Year's), but it didn't get off to a really great start.

She arrived at about 12:30pm, gave me a call from the airplane, and I was able to pick her up after making her wait outside for only about 10 minutes (5 of which I was trapped in the line for picking up people). We went back to work, where my Lightning was parked, so that I could do a last minute check of work issues, and the two of us would take my Lightning and Focus back to the house. That went off without a hitch.

I decided that since I had saved so much money on the Lightning, that I should treat myself to a new speaker set for my home theater setup (I'm currently using three tiny speakers from my computer speaker setup). I grabbed a couple of DVDs (Gladiator and Titanic) and we went to Taco Bell for a late lunch and then Ultimate Electronics to listen to speakers. I listened to many combinations of speakers and decided on the Infinity Beta 50 speakers. They had a nice mellow sound (a lot of the other speakers were way too "bright" -- to much emphasis on high notes which can make listening harsh and grating), and the sound from the center channel speaker was the least easy to localize (meaning that the sound appears to comes from the area of the TV, rather than the speaker right under/over it).

What all of this meant, however, was that we spent a good hour or so at Ultimate Electronics and when we left it was about 4:30. I figured that since the fancy supermarket, Kowalskis, right next to my townhouse is open 24 hours, that it would still be open at 5pm and we could pick up the Christmas eve and dinner fixings. Wrong! They closed at 4pm. A quick trip to Cub Foods to see if they were open proved fruitless. A longer trip to Rainbow Foods, another 24 hour grocery store was also rewarded with darkness. It was looking like a "A very Hostess Christmas", meaning that we were going to be eating the junk food we could buy at the local gas station for Christmas eve and Christmas day dinner, but then I remembered that the local Target store has a mini grocery store in it.

A quick trip to Target was rewarded by them being open until 6pm. We scooped up some normal food, bread, peanut butter, TGIF Loaded Potato Skins, a Stouffer's Lasagna, Cheerios, Captain Crunch (Peanut butter), some cookies, and of course some Hostess cupcakes. Disaster averted.


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