Friday, February 02, 2007

Finishing up the basement (sorta)

Last night I put some finishing touches on the basement and it's starting to look pretty good. I finished wiring the last baseboard heater, and moved the one baseboard heater that I accidentally installed under an outlet (it can be wired from either side, so I just switched sides).

I then put up most of the rest of the baseboard moulding, and realized that I didn't buy enough. The other interesting point is that the laminate is much lower than the carpet so the interesting thing will be how to match up the moulding as it goes across the transition. It turns out that if I build up the moulding by using the flattened quarter round moulding that I'll be putting around the wet bar, everything matches up perfectly, everything looks nice, and I didn't have to rip any of the moulding.

The Legato carpet tiles that I put down look reasonable when vacuumed, but there are still a number of places that make it obvious that it's not seamless carpet. It's good enough for the workout space, and I like it enough to not be upset, but I certainly wouldn't put it anywhere else in the house.

This weekend I hope to get another stip of moulding to finish a little bit of wall, and to put down the short moulding that runs around the wet bar, and then after the Superbowl party I'll move my TV and couch downstairs and start enjoying the space.

I still have to finish the counter top on the wet bar, finish the flooring on the stairs into the basement, and figure out what I want to do with the bathroom down there, but that's not going to keep me from enjoying the space now. Yea!

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